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Welcome to Beechtree Farm (click here…)

Celebrating 34 years! 1986-2020
Our store is open all week through the weekend. Please call ahead to let us know you are coming.
We are doing curbside pickups. Call or text what you want and we’ll prepare your order. Or you can drive up and request what you want. Keeping our 6′ distance we can fill the order. We prefer checks but can also take Venmo or Zelle payments.
As you drive down our driveway, our farm store is in the garage to the left, midway down the driveway.

Right now we have a good supply of ground beef, patties, beef cubes, chip steak, sirloin steaks, rib, tbone, porterhouse and skirt steak. We have Osso Bucco bones and bags of bones for bone broth. For pork we have chops, cutlets, ground, country, sweet and Italian sausage, ribs, bacon and roasts. For lamb we have ground, chops and some cubes. We also have plenty of pork and lamb bones for healthful bone broth. For now we have to wait about a month more for spring chicken to return.

We also carry delicious Sweet Sourland syrup and local honey.

Note: Please call or text our cell phone when you arrive so we can put our two dogs, Robbie, a Springer Spaniel and Phoebe, an Australian Cattle Dog on a leash or, if you are uncomfortable with dogs, in the kennel. Our dogs help us keep predators away from our animals and are much beloved members of our family. We’d like to make your visit peaceful, ie less barking. So do let us know you are hear or about to get here.
Ask about our CSA and about purchasing a whole, half or a quarter.
Email or call for a price list.
  Lucia: cell: 468-4145; Charlie cell: (609) 468-4144 Our Landline is: (609) 466-0277;