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More than grass

“Exclusively Grassfed”  and “Grassfed Goodness” are slogans we use to describe out meat. But as I gaze down while walking our pastures I am amazed at the diversity of plants our animals are eating. In one square foot are a myriad of plants, all offering different nutrients and minerals. Plantains, dandelions, burdock, shepherd’s purse, ajuga, chickweed.… Read More »

Winter Market Announcement

Winter Market! Located at the West Windsor Athletic Club 99 Clarksville Road, West Windsor, 10pm- 1 pm Always the second Saturday of every month. Dec. 12, Jan 9, Feb. 13; Mar 12; Apr 9

Fresh, delicious water

We often hear comments like, why does your meat taste so much better? One of the secrets is our fresh and delicious well water. Whenever we come home after a vacation we are always eager to return to our tap water. We have friends who bring empty gallon jugs to fill and take home with… Read More »