Grassfed Beef

By | April 7, 2019

Most of us by now have heard about the health, environmental and humane reasons why grassfed beef is far superior to industrially raised beef. There’s something more and it’s important, that is FLAVOR. I’ll never forget that first time I tasted our meat. It was an epiphany moment and I knew we were on the right path with our farm. “Wow, So this is what beef tastes like!” Those of you who wear glasses, do you remember the first time you marveled at the details on first putting them on? What a joy to taste those notes of flavor that came through in that bite of beef

Some of my favorite comments I’ve heard:

From an 80+ year old woman, “I bought your ground beef at the Whole Earth Center and I had to come to your farm to meet you. I’ve been eating hamburger all of my life. I love hamburger. Young lady, I just want to tell you that yours was the most delicious ground beef I’ve ever tasted.”

From a mother of small children: “My kids will eat your ground beef without smothering it in ketchup. It’s so flavorful, we don’t need all the extras on top.”

When I asked a woman how she liked the brisket after the Passover holiday. She looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes. “I didn’t know that meat could taste that good.”

Grassfed beef, Grass-fed beef – so tasty. And very good for you too.

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