Monthly Archives: January 2014

Winter Time

winter time image of Beechtree FarmMany of you have asked how the animals are doing in this winter weather.

We have a lot more work this time of year to make sure our herds are warm and happy. It’s partcularly difficult when we have a bout of wet weather and then freezing temperature. You can imagine what it’s like to get soaked and then to stand in cold wind. So we get all the animals inside to keep them dry and give them plenty of hay and fresh water. It ‘s enjoyable to have an opportunity  to be in close proximity with the animals and get to know each other better. One of my favorite times is after all the chores are done and before heading back to the house, pausing and listening to the contented sounds of animals crunching contentedly on hay. They always seem so appreciative.

The other great part about winter is the incomparable beauty of the skies and trees. Though short, the light this time of year is amazing.

Meanwhile, our meat room continues to be as busy as ever. We really enjoy your visits and get such a kick out of hearing of the dishes you are making with our meats. We really appreciate the rave reviews.